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Holly is an experienced teacher in both singing and drama for both children and adults, ranging from very beginner to professional performers. She prides herself on a "holistic" approach to voicework - singing for health and happiness, with the most creative freedom, no matter what your goal.
Holly views classical singing technique as the "heavy-weight class" of vocal production, with knowledge that can be applied across all genres of singing. She works regularly with music theatre singers, pop singers, singer-songwriters... you name it! Lessons are tailored to your needs, include vocal exercises specifically designed for your voice and repertoire suggestions to help you grow. 
NOW is a great time to start singing, even if you've never sung a note before! Teaching is available online via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime as well as in-person.
30 minute consultation lesson free of charge!

Please email directly for more information.

I have been learning with Holly for the past two years. Our lessons are always relaxed but focussed, and I am really happy to have gained a “Distinction” for my Grade 5 Singing Exam in January. I really enjoy my lessons and I like that she explains everything logically, so that I really understand what I need to work on for next time.” – Christina R, Aged 15 (One-to-one lessons)

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