Being a singer is a joy and a privilege that I never take for granted. From the beginning of my singing journey, I was (and am still!) completely surprised and overwhelmed by the kindness, care and support shown to me, both by people who I have known forever, as well as friends I have had the pleasure of meeting along the way so far. The names listed on this page follow no particular chronology or relevance, and it is highly likely that I will miss some very important names off (by accident - I promise!) - my gratitude and appreciation is really as heart-felt and genuine as it can possibly get! Much of my time is invested in "loving the process:" I am often asked for my end goals - "the dream!" - and my answer to this, so far, has remained the same: to be able to share the music that I love with all audiences, to the highest standard and best of my abilities. This is only made possible through the support of those mentioned below. So... in the cheesiest gooiest way imaginable, THANK YOU! - For always being so willing and involved.

Ms Amanda Roocroft

For taking me on, and fully investing me seemingly from the very beginning; for being so supportive, and offering the most precious guidance throughout all of these vocal ventures. How lucky I am. Thank you!

Mrs Jane Holmes

For significant financial support 2017 onwards with funds for music, travel and singing lessons, as well as invaluable guidance and support both musically and personally, and for always being on the other end of the phone! Thank you!

Sally Sparrow Photography

For all promotional photos - women shot for women! Thank you!

Mr Jeffrey Benton

For significant financial support 2019-2021. Thank you!

Mr Ray & Mrs Margaret Hatton

For being so actively involved in locating possible funds and being so pro-Holly Teague! And for being such regular concert attendee-s. Thank you!    

Whitchurch Rotary Club

For providing significant financial support, and for the opportunity to perform at home. Thank you!

Mrs Fiona Chew & Mrs Trish Everett, Rev. Hazel & Duncan, & all at St Mary's, Moseley

For being so caring during the floods of spring 2018, being kind to Cleo-cat and for supporting my bid to come back to  Moseley in 2019. Thank you!

Mr JP & Mrs DA Teague

For being as crazy as you are, for encouraging me with every new venture and for sorting everything for me, always. Thank you!

Mrs Helena & Mr Mark Jones

For being dinner and a holiday home, no matter what notice, and for always asking me to everything. Thank you!

Mr Tim & Mrs Sue Hobson

For being regular concert attendee-s, and for being stage management on countless occasions frozen shoulder or not! Thank you!

Mr Peter Metcalfe @ Bodytech Whitchurch

For providing the perfect distraction when I really don't want to do any more, for being so continuously encouraging, and for being a good friend! Thank you!

Mr Martin Carruthers

For the promotional side of things; designing, printing and distributing flyers and posters and always being handy with a camera! Thank you!

Mrs Jokhim Meike

For the hugely generous gift of a significant amount of vocal music belonging to Bob; his notes in every margin are invaluable. I'm sorry that I never had the opportunity to meet him. Thank you! 

The Higginson Trust

For significant financial support in aid of Paris study, and the request for a performance when I return... An absolute pleasure! Thank you!

Mrs Catherine Benson (& Husband Philip)

For being an absolute icon, and the best and most colour co-ordinated teacher to ever exist. For introducing me to so much amazing music, shaping and realising my voice, and for telling me to "get a grip" on a semi-regular basis. And to Philip, for coming along to concerts also. Thank you!

Mr Geoff & Mrs Maggie Coward

For being star pianists even in the very early days of scratchy violin-ing! And for being fabulously supportive family friends. Thank you!

Mr Mark Elliott

For constant support and encouragement, blind belief and a really lovely time. Thank you!

Su & Paul @ Primchurch

For the financial contribution, and for showing some much needed TLC towards my very sentimental Triumph 2000. Thank you!

Miss Janina Lang & Mr Caiden Heaphy

For being such great friends; firstly from across the corridor, and now, sadly, from across the water! For being so continuously positive and supportive, your energies towards work and life are contagious. For being so welcoming whenever I visit, and for being such good company always. Thank you!

Mrs Wendy Gonsalkorale, & Stephanie the pet chicken

For being a fabulous "anything at short notice" pianist, and to Stephanie for being the perfect muse during rehearsals, Satie or otherwise! Thank you!

Mrs Lee Kay

For being the voice of reason and unreason, providing materials for stimulus for myself and for my drama lessons, for being the occasional front room hairdresser and for directing an impromptu rescue mission. Thank you!